Full Body Spray Tans   


At Equilibrium Skin Wellness, we believe a natural looking tan makes you look healthy and fitter. Not to mention the couple of kilo's that disappear. With a spray tan you can look your best in as little as 20 minutes. It's an instant result, which you will appreciate with your busy lifestyle.


     Many of my clients recieve a tan on a regular basis,          but a spray tan is especially important if you want to                        look your best for a big event -                     wedding, school formal, party or holiday.

The Sun's UV rays can cause skin cancer, dry out your skin and speed up the aging process. Spray tanning is a safe and healthy way to achieve a fit, healthy tan.

At Equilibrium, I use Techo Tan. An australian product that is widely recognised as having one of the most natural finishes available. It is applied using a hand held spray applicator, in a booth.


The most common tan is my 2hr flash tan that allows            you to shower just 2 hours after being sprayed !                        This is available in 3 different colours.                                      


Before your tan


Complete any hair removal at least 24 hours before your spray tan appointment.Exfoliate your entire body using exfoliation gloves at least twice before your appointment.Have a shower just prior to your  appointment to wash off any deodorant or moisturiser       that may be on your skin.Wear loose clothing to your         appointment as tight clothing may affect your tan.                                       


After your tan


Depending on the product that has been applied, do not come in contact with water for at least 2-8 hours after the tan has been applied.To get the most out of your tan, we recommend you pat your skin dry after showering or swimming - Avoid rubbing your skin. To lengthen the life of your tan, moisturise at least once per day especially after showering.After your first shower, normal activities can be resumed however we recommend that you avoid activities that naturally exfoliate the skin such as long baths or chlorine pools.


Most importantly, enjoy your beautifully bronzed skin!

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