Mini Flower .... 50 min   $70  

When time is precious, this wildflower pick me up facial is the answer to boost your complection and your energy! A revitalizing and rejuvenating mini-treat that includes cleansing, exfoliation, and hydration for all skin types.


Wildflower Healing Facial .... 70 min   $95

A flower essence journey that indulges the skin and senses. High performance actives, anti-oxidants and essential skin nutrients in a soothing base of healing herbals and wildflowers, work to cleanse, hydrate and revitalise the skin. Elemental aromatherapy oil facial massage melts away tensions, for stress-free skin that glows with radiant health.


Purity Cleanse .... 70 min   $90

Reduces excess oiliness and balances the complexion. The deep cleansing properties of Kaolin and Bentonite clays are combined with cooling witch hazel, balancing geranium & ground wattle husk to purify & decongest. Leaves pores refined and complexion smooth & clear. Manual extraction if required.


Collagen Booster ... 75 min   $130

This super intensive facial combines nutrient rich organics with a 100% saturation of pure collagen. Leaving the skin revived, totally hydrated and wrinkle free.



Signature Facials


 Divine Goddess .... 90 min   $170

This natural beauty secret works like Botox to smooth dynamic wrinkles and banish fine lines ! Combined with your choice of Caviar, Vitamin C or Whitening actives, your journey to beauty begins with an aromatic relax and de-stress cleanse, followed by a cooling and soothing active massage mask.

To complete the transformation, your fine lines are then targeted with an intensive anti-aging infusion of pur collagen and Myoxinol - natures own Botox, extracted from the Hibiscus flower - while a gentle scalp massage soothes your inner soul.

Awaken to reveal the Goddess in you.


Tibetan Healing Facial .... 70 min   $140

Experience a new level of wellness. This holistic spa facial merges ancient Tibetan healing traditions with professional skincare to enhance your skin health, energy and well - being. With gentle strokes, Kansa - the sacred Ayurvedic healing metal of India - gently harmonises and recharges the aura, smoothing wrinkles and rejuvenating the skin. Mineral rich clays refine and purify the skin while the healing sounds of Tibetan singing bowls fill the room, resonating with your chakras, clearing and energising



Holistic Peels


Holistic Grape Wine Peel .... 45 min   $90

Rejuvinate your skin with this multi-fruit acid complex to gently exfoliate the skin cells and provide essential polyphenol nutrients and antioxidants to the skin.


Holistic Grape Wine Peel with Collagen  75 min $155


Papaya Enzyme Peel       Treatment Upgrade   $20



Skin Intensives 


              Express Actives .... 60 min  $95             

 In urgent need of some seriously fast skin care ? In a cooling and soothing facial 

 massage mask, potent actives are released from a freeze dried organic biomatrix 

 and infused into  the skin.


 Choose the Express Active facial for your skins needs  

 Express Caviar - best for mature, dry and aging skin.

 Express vitamin C - especially beneficial for tired and stressed out skin.

 Express Whitening - a natural and effective answer to the challenge of

  skin pigmentation and lightening.

        ( For best results an intensive course is recommended )







Holistic Skin Treatments


The nurturing starts from the inside with ancient healing wisdoms by Native Australian Wildflowers, to bring inner calm and release any stress. While the purist certified organic ingredients, combined with high performance actives work powerfully, yet gently to generate a radiant glow and restore skin health. All facial treats are infused with Wildflower Essences and aromatic essential oils, personalised just for you...