Client Testimonial on Acne Diffusion – Shannon, Beauty Therapist


"I have always looked after my skin, but nothing could heal my acne that appeared suddenly after suffering from severe stress and grief that was happening in my life. 

Mel performed several Oxygen treatments and within weeks my skin had cleared. 

Not only was Mel performing treatments to the outside on the skin but she was also performing Chakra and working from within.

I not only feel that my skin has heeled on the outside but I walked away from the salon each time feeling a little more at peace with my life. 


I have visited many salons in my life and strongly believe Equilibrium Skin Wellness to be one of the best."

ECHO2 Oxygen facial incorporates the most advanced patented technology to deliver the essential nutrients and vitamins that work with the oxygen molecule to improve the health of every skin cell… effectively boosting collagen formation and re-building the skin from the inside out. Creating the most relaxing, non invasive, high performance treatment available.


This treatment will benefit all skin types and visible results will be seen after just one treatment with an immediate boost to the hydration and appearance of the skin. To achieve maximum results, consistent treatments are accumulative and far reaching.


The secret to the success is in the preparation of the skin to accept the oxygen enriched combination that can be absorbed to the lower layers of the skin… Studies show facial skin cells are starved and are continually under attack from harsh enviro pollutants, as well as stressed out by our hectic lifestyles… this results in AGING, fine lines, Acne, stressed and dull skin.

 London Times

Votes ECHO2 

" The number one Facial in the World "



Pure Oxygen Skin Infusions.


Youth Elixir .....60 min $150

( Express O2 Facial )


Eupho2ria ..... 90 min $180

( same as Youth Elixir with Ayurvedic Charkra Balanciing ) 


O2 Acne Diffusion ..... 75 min $165


Pre/Post laser O2 .....30 min $80