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How long will the treatment take ?

The initial treatment will take approximately 3 hours to complete, while the follow up treatment will take approximately 2 hours.


Will the treatment hurt ?

Anaesthetics are used to numb the area before the treatment. Some clients experience a slight discomfort and a stinging sensation, more so on sensitive areas such as lips. 


What should I expect after the treatment ?

Immediately after the treatment, your Tattoo will appear darker than your chosen shade. The pigment takes about a week to enter the deeper layers of the skin. After this time, exfoliation takes place and the top layer of the skin peels off, leaving a softer, lighter colour below.

How long will the Tattoo last ?

The longevity of the Cosmetic Tattoo depends on many factors, including, your skin type,            sun exposure, lifestyle, and how well your skin holds the pigment. I recommend a colour boost every 12 months, to revitalise the Tattoo and keep it looking fresh. I have introduced special "Colour Boost" rates, to the pricelist.  Should you choose not to have a Colour Boost, your eyebrows will fade over a period of approximately 2-4 years.

Lips and Eyeliners tend to last longer.

How much time will I save by not having to apply as much Makeup ?

Hours....Days....Seriously !

Not to mention the dollars you will save, not having to purchase that makeup.



After Care


Treatment Specific, Care instructions will be given to you following your treatment.



       Long Term Care


Protection of Your new Treatment is Vital 

When going out into the sun, apply sunscreen or blockout over your tattoo area.        Wear sunglasses and a hat. Exposure to the sun over time will cause fading and colour change. Cover the Tattoo with vaseline when swimming in salt or chlorine water to avoid a bleaching effect. Face peel products must be kept completely away from the Tattoo, as they will lighten the clour with constant use.



Cosmetic Tattoo Coffs Harbour

Digital Machine




There are different techniques that are used to tattoo eyebrows. 

My early Eyebrow tattoos where done using the Microblading / Feathertouch technique. This Technique uses a small hand tool, with a row of needles to create the blade. This tool is then dipped into pigment and scratched into the skin. As it is a wound, when it heals the colour spreads and you loose the hair stroke definition as the tattoo ages, becoming more of a powder fill.  Scar tissue is very hard to avoid wth this method especially when repeated over the years. This technique has its downfalls. 

With a bit of research, I came across a fantastic Tattooist who was successfully using, and teaching a different technique, using a Specialised Digital Machine, with very fine " Nano " needles. This technique, I found, was much harder to perform and perfect, BUT, The Digital machine deposits the pigment rather than scratching into the skin. I have clients returning for their yearly colour boost / refresh with individual hair strokes that are clearly visible. This method is sustainable to be done forever.  Eyebrow Tattoo's done Digitally, will be much gentler on the skin over the years, not producing the scar tissue which is associated with the Microblading Technique.

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